Supporting children's Mental Health and Well Being while at home in stage 4 lock down, lets be zen and zoom while home in our own room 👌❤🙏

Saturdays: 10am (3-9yo) Fun engaging class reacting stories yoga style.

11am (9-16yo) Grounding the teens and promoting healthy bodies & minds.

Mondays: Disco Yoga 4pm (All ages welcome) Let your hair down yoga style!

To Book call Jayne on 0421 476 221 or email jemchildrensyoga@gmail.com

                                   STAY SAFE 🙏🙏🙏💚💛🧡STAY ZEN

JEM CHILDREN'S                       YOGA


Committed to support Children and Families

▪ Promotes strong, healthy bodies by regularly practising yoga poses which connect the body and mind. This improves coordination and Balance. Children exercise individually leaving them feeling calm, aligned and Secure.

▪ Cultivates confidence and self-esteem by achieving different poses in their own way, with their own body, at their own pace.

▪ Calms the nervous system through self-soothing and self-regulation, which reduces anxiety through structured breathing techniques, aiding sleep patterns and combating depression.

▪ Improves creativity and imagination by allowing children to let go and dance like a wombat. Or create a story through poses. Or float in the sky on a white fluffy cloud and relax.

Following JEM yoga, in a calm, happy, authentic environment allows a child to be themselves and acquire skills that they will retain for life.

Happy Bodies…Happy Minds…Happy Children

We all need to stop and smell the roses more frequently! 

Jayne E Munday

Accredited Yoga Therapy Teacher



0421 476 221

Private Adult classes http://www.yogastation.com.au/ 

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