JEM CHILDREN'S                       YOGA


Committed to support Children and Families

Benefits of Jem Childrens yoga

▪ Promotes strong, healthy bodies by regularly practicing yoga poses which connect the body and mind. This improves coordination and Balance. Children exercise individually leaving them feeling calm, aligned and Secure.


▪ Cultivates confidence and self-esteem by achieving different poses in their own way, with their own body, at their own pace.


▪ Calms the nervous system through self-soothing and self-regulation, which reduces anxiety through structured breathing techniques, aiding sleep patterns and combating depression.


▪ Improves creativity and imagination by allowing children to let go and dance like a wombat. Or create a story through poses. Or float in the sky on a white fluffy cloud and relax.


Following JEM yoga, in a calm, happy, authentic environment allows a child to be themselves and acquire skills that they will retain for life.


Happy Bodies…Happy Minds…Happy Children...Happy Families!

We all need to stop and smell the roses more frequently! 

Jayne E Munday

Accredited Yoga Therapy Teacher



June 2020

We have loved  Jayne from Jem childrens yoga and all her loving support over the past 12 months for helping nurture my boys (aged 5+3) through her beautiful classes in person and online.

Shes caring and passion for cultivating happy bodies, Happy Minds and happy children x SN



Dec 2020

Caprise has loved her yoga this year and especially adores yoga with you as a teacher Jayne, we will see you in the New year . Her confidence has gone up so much since doing Jem yoga.


13 Aug 2020

My kids (Boys ages 13+5) love Jaynes yoga classes! Lots of Fun and so good for their physical & Mental health! Highly recommend!


Niahm Hammer

17 sep 2020

We came across Jem yoga after trying a few different classes elsewhere. Jayne is an amazing teacher both in the studio and now on Zoom again with covid restrictions. I cannot speak more highly of this gentle, inspiring, and very engaging yoga teacher! My daughter has gained so much and has loads of fun at the same time. Can't wait to get to the studio again.Thanks Jayne.

Statistics have shown that in schools, after weeks of children practising mindfulness and yoga it turned their world around and they began to smile again and have peace within themselves and the world around them. There is so much going on in a childrens mind, we can support that at Jem children’s yoga providing the skills and practise to combat what’s going on inside their souls.

This is now happening at an earlier age and on the increase with Anxiety, depression & body image.

To combat this yoga provides many areas to teach these children skills of self-regulation and to believe in themselves in their growing lives.

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